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In light of recent events, more people may be seeking counseling support. If you are interested in this type of service, we highly recommend Kelly Lieber, LSW/LGSW. She works with individuals, groups and families.

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please contact Ms. Lieber at (703) 591-5912, x 7.


A Strategic Approach to Finding Work You Enjoy

By Miriam Bamberger

There are so many “shoulds” when it comes to choosing a job: I should get a job where I make more money, I should do something that contributes to society, I should get a job that is a step up. How can you be sure that you are making the move you really want, rather than the one you think you “should”?

As you evaluate different opportunities, ask yourself these questions:

  • WHAT IS MY MISSION? What is my bigger purpose? Will this job allow me to live “on purpose”?
  • VALUES: What must be present for me to feel wholly satisfied (security, risk taking, fun, ease, challenge, etc)? Does this job incorporate these top values or does it take me away from them?
  • VISION: How does this job contribute to my vision for my whole life? Does this job allow me to pursue the non-work activities that are important to me? How does it impact my health, relationships and other aspects of my life?
  • GOALS: What accomplishments do I want to achieve, so that I will consider my life to have been satisfying and well lived? How does this job lead toward or away from those goals?
  • ACTION STEPS or PLAN: How do I get there? What needs to happen in the next week, next 6 months, next 5 years?

This “strategic” approach to finding and choosing a job is simple, but it is not easy. Answering these questions honestly is tough, soul-searching work, but the payoff is finding the right match for a rich, complete life. Shouldn’t that be worth it? Working with a buddy or a professional coach can help. Professional coaching offers a confidential support, direct feedback, new ways of thinking, and accountability.

Miriam Bamberger, CPCC, is a coach and the founder of Stellar Coaching in Washington, DC. She works with individuals and organizations that want to focus, learn and take action to perform more effectively and productively.

To contact Miriam: (202) 223-0237 or miriam@stellarcoaching.com.