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Leading Ladies® Uniting Women from Coast to Coast!
2004 will offer events in 8 cities across the U.S.

To date, we have successfully developed and organized Leading Ladies® events in seven cities across the United States. The cities include: Annapolis, MD; Boston, MA; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; and Washington, DC. Baltimore, MD will be added to our list in early 2004. Our vision is to expand into markets, both large and small, within the US and Globally.

Why Join Leading Ladies®?

Opportunities often arise because of the relationships we cultivate; therefore, Leading Ladies® is fully dedicated to providing you with dynamic events to expand your "sphere of influence." You never know who knows who and who needs to know you. Each Leading Ladies® event provides our attendees with access to prominent business leaders and premiere venues.

Our events are designed in such a unique way to enable you to establish connections that profoundly impact your life. How is this possible? We gather women from diverse backgrounds, professions, ethnic groups, and ages. We create a relaxed, comfortable, social environment that is conducive to meeting others. And we provide fantastic women role models to inspire and encourage you. By including all of these elements, Leading Ladies® events create opportunities for you to cultivate valuable relationships. When you expand your "sphere of influence", you develop a powerful resource to expedite your personal and professional goals.

Harness the Power through your Peers! Get the Advantage! Join Leading Ladies®!

Membership Fee

$120/year: Regular Membership Fee


Distinguished Speaker Series

Intimate gatherings for women in unique venues with dynamic speakers

Each event will feature a distinguished speaker who has excelled in her field of interest. The evening will offer an opportunity to preview a unique venue and meet other successful business leaders in a comfortable environment conducive to meaningful conversation.

  • 32 Distinguished Speaker Events will be held across the U.S. in 2004. Each of our 8 cities will host 4 events per year. Members receive discounted ticket prices.

Powerful Programs

As more women seek positions where they can influence decisions, it is invaluable to meet prominent leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. These Powerful Programs will include several leaders from different industries. The featured speakers will engage the audience in interactive conversation.

  • 16 Powerful Programs will be held across the U.S. in 2004. Each of our 8 cities will host 2 events per year. Members receive discounted ticket prices.

Leading Ladies® Card Exchange

  • The Leading Ladies® Card Exchange is an opportunity for members to promote their businesses, services and products. At each Distinguished Speaker Event and Powerful Program, a Card Exchange area will be set aside for Members only to display their business cards and brochures. Members may choose to participate in all these events across the country or they may select certain events from these two series. Exclusive opportunity for members only.


  • Bi-Annual Leading Ladies® Newsletter will be distributed electronically. Exclusive opportunity for members only

Membership Card

  • A special card will be given to each member for express registration at all events.


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