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A division of The Tidings Corporationsm, a woman-owned business, Leading Ladies® was established in 1998 to provide the vehicle for women of diverse professions, business and educational backgrounds to meet and network for the purpose of enhancing their business, careers and lives.

Our Vision

To expand the reach of the Leading Ladies® network across the country and overseas, creating an international organization focused on connecting women throughout the world.

Our Mission

To create a powerful network of women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups, and professions, with a shared commitment to the personal and professional advancement of women. To actively connect women. To transform these connections into valuable relationships that lead to client development, career and social opportunities, which enhance women’s lives.

Our Commitment

Through our network, programs, seminars and resources, we are committed to:

  • Encourage the pursuit of women’s dreams
  • Inspire women with role models
  • Support women’s endeavors
  • Educate women on available resources
  • Inform women about opportunities

Privacy Statement

The Tidings Corporationsm and Leading Ladies® does not sell or rent its lists. All information collected is confidential and is used to help us tailor programs to meet our participants' needs. The general demographic and psychographic profile of our participants as a whole may be disclosed to others. As a networking entity, there may be an occasion where individuals will be connected with one another when there is a perceived benefit for both parties.


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